How it works?

uLaw is an innovative and free platform hosting the most talented professionals. Post your job, select your lawyer and build a trustful relationship to work with confidence.

Build a trustful relationship
with your lawyer.

The uLaw platform allows you to place your needs at the heart of your collaboration with your lawyer.
  • Free choice and fair prices : post your job and choose the most appropriate proposal.
  • Transparency and connectivity : define with your lawyer the different tasks to be performed and get access at any time to your on-line dashboard to follow the progress in real time.
  • Predictability and control : the steps to be undertaken, their timing and budget are agreed beforehand and you only pay for approved and delivered work.
  • Security and confidentiality : uLaw offers a work environment that complies with all deontological requirements.

Register and take advantage of uLaw’s assistance for handling your case.

Provide a detailed description
of your query.

The first step is often the most difficult one but also crucial: clarifying and precising your needs. We assist you,
step by step, in describing your query and preparing a clear, comprehensive and precise request for proposals.
  • We help you describing your query to ensure tailor made proposals.
  • You can choose for a fixed budget or let your request open to pricing proposals.
  • You have the choice between various fee arrangements (hourly rate, lump sum, etc.) and you may add any additional conditions or requirements.
  • You may rely on our personalized assistance to help you through the entire process.

Get proposals from the most
talented professionals.

Our platform communicates your request to competent lawyers and gathers their work proposals.
  • Your request for proposals is distributed among our members to ensure you the best services at the best conditions.
  • Received proposals are structured and centralized according to your criteria in order to facilitate their comparison and provide you with comprehensive information.
  • Save time and take advantage of our app’s to get proposals satisfying your requirements and manage your cases easily.

Compare proposals and choose
the most appropriate one.

Our interface allows you to easily compare received proposals as to their pricing, methodology, approach, etc.
You are free to add any requirements to facilitate your selection and ensure adequate proposals.
  • You get first quality proposals to make your choice.
  • You can compare and assess the proposed budgets, methodologies, approaches, etc.

Shared on-line interface
for real time follow up.

You keep control on your case that can be managed and followed in real time.
  • You have a clear view on the steps, their timing and foreseeable budgets.
  • Your on-line case management tool is shared with your lawyer so that you can follow the progress in real-time and anticipate on any important issues.

You pay for approved and delivered work.

Fees are invoiced through uLaw each time a Milestone is reached.
  • The statements of fees correspond to pre-approved and delivered work.
  • All aspects are agreed beforehand, the costs are spread over time.
  • You can take advantage of the free uLaw mediation procedure to address any difficulties.
uLaw does not ask you for any compensation for the use of its solutions. Our costs are supported by the lawyers,
without any surcharge for you.

You need thorough legal advice adapted to your situation? To amend or have a review of your agreements? To analyze the legal aspects of your strategic options? Assistance for a dispute ?

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